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Remove Your Business Barriers
With CIL Management Suite

Want to spend more time with your consumers and less with your paperwork?  CIL Management Suite is the answer.
Complete Database Management that Saves Your Independent Living Center Time and Money
  • Web-Based - No Expensive servers to buy, no down-time, no software to download or install and we handle the daily backups. All you need is a computer with the internet!
  • Easy to Use - Doesn't take weeks to learn. It's the ultimate in user-friendly!
  • Complete consumer and I&R databases - All your consumers and I&R case notes in one place.
  • Robust Reporting - Complete reporting center including your entire 704, service, program, goals, excel and time tracking reports
  • Free Training - Weekly training calls that your entire staff can be a part of
  • Free Support - Responsive support that doesn't cost you anything extra!

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We like CIL Suite MUCH better than our previous system - it's a great improvement!

Ben Robertson
IT Specialist
The Whole Person, Inc.


You may have heard some misinformation about centers using CIL Management Suite having difficulty passing their audits. We would like to clear that up by providing this quote from a reviewer.

I travel a lot as a non-federal reviewer and every file I have reviewed at centers that are using CIL Suite has been in compliance. Your system is great and a terrific asset if used properly. It has made my world a whole lot better.

Dean Neilson
Executive Director
Living Independently For Everyone, Inc. (LIFE)

Just The Facts

In recent months, our competitors have attempted to spread falsehoods about CIL Management Suite. You'll never hear us disparage our competitors, but we will gladly tell you the truth about us.

  • Every day, on average, over 2500 users login to CIL Suite.

  • Our CIL Suite advisory board is made up of rural and urban centers across the nation. They help us serve you, and guide us down the path of continual improvement.

  • Over 200 blind users use CIL Suite out of the nearly 4400 users nationwide. If there is ever an issue found we work to get it fixed.

  • CIL Suite provides state reports at no additional charge, although sometimes a one time customization fee is necessary. We maintain these reports at our expense. We coordinate closely with state VR personnel to make sure we're collecting the right numbers the right way.

  • CIL Suite provides complimentary training by real people for your staff. Not just when you’re getting started, but every week, live people work their way through a published syllabus teaching both new and experienced users alike how to get the most out of their CIL Suite experience.

  • CIL Suite NEVER charges for support. Real people answer your questions quickly and politely.

State Reports

CIL Management Suite has the following state reports available within the software.

California 204/AB 204/CILR
Florida VR
New York VESID
Colorado Monthly Billing
MN IL/VR Collaboration

We also provide a specialized time tracker for Kansas centers

"My 204 reports used to take me 3 - 4 days with my old Access database. Now I can have my 204 report done with just a few clicks of a button!"

Cecilie M. Rose
Database Manager
Berkeley Center for Independent Living

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